96-Year-Old Sells House Then They Find This Inside

Realtors Couldn’t Believe What This 96-Year-Old Woman Was Hiding Inside Her House.

Sister real estate duo Carla and Gladys Spizzirri had been waiting a long time to take a look at a particular house. After waiting patiently, the property on 148 Jane Street was finally about to go on the market. Interested parties finally had the chance to see what was hiding in the home all this time. All we can tell you right now is that what awaited them was totally shocking…talk about a surprise of a lifetime!

A Regular Home

From the outside, you would think that 148 Jane Street was just like any other house in Toronto, Ontario. The street was fairly plain and simple without any notable landmarks. The area did not have anything particularly notable as well. Regular-looking structures surrounded the home, so it was safe to assume that would be the same for the interiors as well.

Looking To Sell

Only a couple of people have gone inside this house. The only thing others knew about it was that the same people lived there for as long as they could remember. However, everything they knew about it was not the entire truth. It all started when the realtors received a call regarding a house that the owner was planning to sell. Needless to say, Carla and Gladys needed to see it for themselves first.

Just A Regular Day

It started out as a fairly unexciting day at the office where the pair of sisters worked. Everyone there was busy doing the usual stuff, so no one expected that it was going to be a game-changing day for them. They simply went about their day answering the phone, showing houses, and trying to lock clients in. The agency was owned by sisters Carla and Gladys Spizzirri. The two of them did not always work together, but it all changed when they found out how good of a team they were together. When you have such a good thing going for you, your best bet is to keep at it. One of them would look for listings to sell, while the other would talk to potential customers. The tandem was efficient and effective.

Surprising Event

After raking in years of experience, Carla and Gladys knew how the business worked. They were great at the job and liked what they did. They did not get a lot of surprises in the real estate industry, although there are still times when they are taken by surprise. This was one such time.

The Phone Rings

It seems like even professional realtors are not immune to shock! They did not know it at the time, but this was exactly what was about to happen. They were onto something big, but they did not immediately get that impression. No one ever truly knows what fate has in store, right? Silence befell the office and there was a brief pause before it happened. The phone began to ring. It was one call that changed their lives forever.

A Call From A Stranger

The phone never stops ringing at the real estate office, so they took the call as they usually did. However, what made them reconsider things was the person who was on the other end of the line. It was Joyce, an older woman who was looking to sell her home. However, she was not yet sure about it.

A Secret

Joyce seemed hesitant as she went on to explain her plans to sell her house. They could tell from her tone and the way she talked that she did not like the idea of this. However, they could also see she was one persistent person. Despite everything, she would probably sell the house. However, she told the sisters a secret they did not expect to hear at all. It completely changed the situation for them.

A Different Kind Of Emotion

A lot of the people who sell their homes think it is a step in the right direction. That is why many people seem happy when they get in touch with the real estate office. To them, this is the mark of a new beginning. However, Joyce did not seem to be excited nor happy at the idea of losing her home.

Hiding Something

It is common for realtors to have a sixth sense when talking to their clients. Both of the sisters could tell the person on the other end of the line had a secret. Perhaps it was something that would make it hard to sell the place. They already had previous experience regarding unpleasant things in the past. They knew it could damage the process of selling a home.

Challenge Accepted

Joyce did not try to hide any of the typical homeowner problems. She did not lie about things like black mold or a malfunctioning water heater. No, the secret was bigger than that. We hope you are ready to learn the truth about her home. Carla and Gladys stuck to their guns and took on the challenge.

A Living Legend

Joyce was an older woman. In fact, she was 96 years old at the time! Although they were surprised by her age, Joyce was lucid and still had good hearing. Carla Spizzirri thought this was impressive since she needed to speak louder when she was talking to her own grandma. It was amazing that someone as old as Joyce was in such great shape, although this does not hold a candle to the actual surprise waiting for them. Are you ready to hear all about it?

Long Buried

Underneath John’s backyard, this structure seemed to not have been used by the previous inhabitants. Some wear and tear was to be expected over the course of fifty years with no upkeep, but otherwise, the structure was in great condition. While there was nothing inside it, John and his friends figured out what it once was. While it stated on the blueprints that Whitaker Pools had built the structure, it certainly was not a swimming pool. This structure had a different purpose altogether.

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